Cubase for IPAD

I would love to see a Cubase app for the ipad. As most of us here, I’ve made a substantial investment of time and money in Steinberg products and don’t want to switch to Garage Band & Logic but Apple is making it very hard. Their products are very cool as I’m reminded daily when I walk past their store in Grand Central Terminal.

The idea of starting a tune in Garage Band and moving it up Logic is appealing. I would love to do the same with Cubase. Maybe even have an “import” function where you could import a garage band tune into cubase, track for track.

I don’t know this for a fact, but a suspect that Cubase is better than Logic because Cubase is the focus of Steinberg while Logic is one of many products made by Apple and certainty not the focus of the company.

Any thoughts on this?

My setup is
Dell XPS i7, 4 gig of ram
Win 7 64 Bit
Yamaha HS50M Monitors
Badass Taylor BTO 712 acoustic guitar
Fender Special P Bass
Various Mic’s Including Rode NT-2 modified

Aloha j and +1

Yes, My thoughts are that I wish Steinberg would ditch Apple altogether again.

I wouldn’t go that far. While I really don’t want Steinberg to follow iTrend and spend their resources to create Cubase for every iGadget, but keep their focus on creating excellent tools for musicians/producers, I fully support PC/Mac cross-platform approach.

But about this Cubase for iPad thing… for those who want it: WHY do you want it? What do you need it for?

I can only imagine 2 options:

  1. Mobile recording … well … there’s already plenty of recording software for your iPad … and you can always import those recordings to your Cubase.
  2. It’s just COOL to have your DAW in your iGadget so you can show it to your friends … maybe Steinberg should not spend a single thought on this

Now … if you have 3rd option … please let me (and Steinberg) know about it.

Stability on the ipad could be a downer. Elicensers, interfaces, contollers…not a good idea, IMO. Nice, but likely not something that SB should consider. Not a fan of Apple, either. However, it IS wise for Steinberg and other companies for that matter to support the Mac’s in addition to the Windows.

It’s not about showing off to my friends, of let’s face it - most of us who do recording are gear sluts to some extent. We like fiddling around with technology and experimenting with various gadgets. This is one of the things that draw us to it, a nice combination of artistry and engineering.

Yes we are. And I’m one of the worst, as you can see from my incomplete gear list below. But at the same time I would definitely discourage software companies taking part on this sluttery. Why? They have better places where to spend our money.

Wouldn’t I consider it cool to have Cubase on my Nokia N900? Yes! Would I like Steinberg to spend 1 minute on developing it? Definitely not!