Cubase For Live Performance Rompler?

Long time Cubase user. I consider myself ‘advanced’ with DAWs in a studio environment, but for live stuff? I’m a complete noob. Never even tried using a computer on a gig before.

Just bought a Win 7 laptop–for personal use. But as a lark, I am toying with using it as a replacement for my ‘Rompler’ (Korg & Ensoniq keyboard WS) which are nearing their end… to play live shows. I think it has what it takes for use as a DAW…

7200rpm drive? Check
Core i5 processor? Check.
Super lightweight? Check.
5hr battery life? Check.
4GB DDR3 RAM (upgradable to 8) Check.

It passes the DPC Latency checker.

I also wouldn’t mind if it could also be used to do stereo field recording or perhaps take FOH feed and record shows.

I want to be clear that this is not really for -sequencing-. I mainly need this to load patches and switch them from my lib of VSTis… Komplete, Arturia, B4, etc.

I have no need for anything beyond stereo recording or output. Just need it to be reliable. The other 5 days a week it will be used to browse the web and do e-mail and that’s about it.

I see DJs running shows all the time with ‘Live’ and "Traktor’ and this can’t be any more taxing, right?

The main thing I wonder about is how to switch patches… and how quickly they’ll load in a performance environment (small clubs).

I’m thinking of getting a cheap MIDI controller (like M-Audio ES88) and testing this with ASIO4ALL as a proof of concept.

Anyone else doing this? I was thinking of making a song template, load the VSTis for a show and create markers and somehow move from one to the next patch by selecting tracks? Markers?

Or maybe there are other programs that are purpose built for this?



Although this, what you are looking for, is working well but complicated with Cubase, I would consider to have a closer look to Native Instruments Kore 2 System. In fact, it is a Rompler by itself AND a VSTi Host in one, hardware controlable as well… Especially made for stage use on keyboards !
They even announced a 64 bit update within the next months, so it can take also full advantage of your RAM, accessible in your laptop.
I´m using the system by myself for 2 years now on stage and I managed to have the complete virtual instrument setup for the whole evening in one file, called there “performance”. It has a clever function to switch from one song to the next by its own hardware controller, or even by any programmable midi device (I used as well a Behringer FS1010 foot pedal board for some functions like rotor on/off/break for hammonds, main volume, rotor speed by sweller, programm up and down, etc. - each parameter is programmable thru midi) - For me, there was no need anymore to have any other sound module present on stage - just 2 master keyboards, the laptop, the Kore 2, that´s it.
Just one minus to be talked about as well: The Kore System cannot send out Bank Select Messages by default, but there´s some Reaktor Plugin Package to be found on google, which can handle this for external gear… Anyway, not interesting, if you are using only VSTi.


I’ve taken my laptop and loaded C6 to use it live, however, one big caution… protect your dongle, easily damaged, easily stolen.

Some good advice in this thread back at the lounge


That’s an important point. Does Steinberg currently offer ‘Dongle Insurance’… like iLok? I actually have 2 dongles but with no ‘insurance’ it doesn’t help much.

Thanks! I -was- thinking about Kore… since I own Komplete… It sounds perfect on paper. My reservation was because the only time I’ve seen it in action was 3-4 years ago when it first came out. I was on a gig with a guy doing exactly what I’m trying to do and it was a disaster… patch changes took -forever-. Maybe it was crappy hardware, or maybe Kore 1 wasn’t fully baked. Can you comment? Is it snappier now? Frankly, patch switching on some NI products still seems to take a while----even on a desktop PC.



Now, as long as you’re registered at MySteinberg, they’ll replace a lost/ stolen license.

Good news! I had no idea their policy had changed. May there -is- hope for SB! But… wouldn’t wanna get carried away. :wink:



I don´t know about the Kore 1, but for sure they changed really a lot from Version 1 to 2. It´s a complete new coded software, the hardware changed as well. Depending on how you set up the performance file, you can switch from one songs instruments and patches to another one with a touch of a button. - The secret behind is, that everything is already well loaded in your RAM, while changing from one song to another just enables/disables the used/unused VSTi. - With the setup I made, I can even switch from Verse to Refrain within a song to have a completely different set of instruments… It´s working perfectly stable as well.


How do I actually lay hands on this? I posted over @ the NI forum and got no replies… perhaps because the hardware is discontinued?


Thanks. I downloaded Cubase Elements Trial thing.

I can see loading exactly what I need to do as a CPR.

I’d like to have a few regular audio tracks and I’d like a couple of regular, MIDI tracks.

But then I have about a dozen MIDI tracks who’s only job is to serve as sound sources. I switch back and forth between these tracks and it works -great-.

BUT the key is…

How can I program my M-Audio Axiom 61 to switch between these MIDI tracks AT WILL using one of the pads or buttons on the Axiom? Is this possible? If so, I’m there.

I got a copy of Ableton Live Lite and that would work as well if I could figure out how to do the same thing: ie. switch between tracks at will using the buttons/pads on the Axiom.

Any ideas?


Don´t switch between tracks, but from point to point… If you load everything into 1 file, you can use markers to jump from one moment to another one… I think, this can be done remotely thru midi controller as well, no ?

I’ve found that switching -tracks- works much better… at least for -me-. That way I can switch between VSTis. Works fine with Ableton or Cubase 6 with Directlink.

It’s much easier from a logistics standpoint to use a CPR—since my main DAW is Cubase, but I always worry about breaking the dongle. Live Lite works fine too.

My understanding is that the Axiom Pro works with LE and Artist, but you need ‘real’ Cubase to do this with an Axiom II.