Cubase For Nuendo-ers

Pardon me, if this has been asked before but, seeing, that Cubase is updated before Nuendo, apparently as the testing ground, could us Nuendo-ers have access to Cubase at a discounted price? :wink:

Many of use do music as well as post and, while we have the NEK, invariably, the NEK will get the Cubasesque updates well after Cubase does.

Comments, anyone?

yeah, discount is not a bad idea.

alternatively it could be a free time limited Cubase license bound to the Nuendo license on the same licenser, which works until the next Nuendo version is out, that would be convenient to test all the new features

I posted this in another thread:

I have to say that it would really cool if Nuendo owners could get a trial license for Cubase 8 from now until N7 releases.

Hurts no one. Doesn’t negatively impact sales or the impetus to upgrade for current Nuendo owners. Just makes a bunch of top shelf users feel valued by Steinberg as they wait for N7 to be finished.


This has been suggested so many times, but so far has fallen on stoney ground. The easiest solution is that the latest version of Nuendo should also contain a combi licence for the latest version of Cubase.


Yes of course ! Not only it wouldn’t impact sale, but it’d show Nuendo users what to expect, as far as improvements are concerned. We could test the “road map” somehow.
Extra Nuendo user feedback could also be gained to refine the current Nuendo developpement.
Some bare Nuendo users would probably even get the NEK after testing the extended music features.

A no brainer. Maybe this time Steinberg will reconsider this option.
After all, we now have Nuendo and Cubase demos, vca and soon session import. Steinberg is obviously not so autistic anymore…

So you guys want Steinberg to give you a license to run 2 programs when they’re already selling us separate licenses for each one? Like that’s going to happen… :laughing:

Me, putting more wood in the fire, along a syncrosoft dongle and a Steiny puppet, raising my arms toward the sky and praying ; “the Gods of Broadcast will listen to us, the Gods of Broadcast will listen to us…”


Looks like it’s gonna rain …


Lol. Excellent caustic humour… Very Jean Gabin.