Cubase For Nuendo Users


I know that there is/was another conversation on this topic, but search as i may, I can’t find it. Pardon me.

I received this response from the folks at AIR Music Tech.


Thanks for the post. I’d like to help! The Hybrid and Velvet VST’s are supported in Cubase but Nuendo is a different type of DAW. I recommend using Cubase with your VST’s.

To open a VST in Cubase, all you need to do is to drag the DLL file into your plug-ins folder, and then the next time you launch your sequencer the new instrument should appear in your list of available VST Instruments. Steinberg Cubase VST users can place this folder outside the main VST application to keep all their plug-in effects and VST Instruments safe from accidental deletion during program updates.

Yet another reason why it would be nice if Nuendo users could get Cubase at a discounted price. Apart from having immediate access to the new features, it seems like our access to VSTi’s would also be enhanced, in this way.

Thanx, Timo! :wink:

I don’t think that support person knows what they’re talking about. Of course you can already do this in Nuendo as you can in Cubase.

Thank you for the response!

This is interesting!

Are you working with AIR instruments? Hybrid crashes Nuendo. Loom,Velvet nor any of the other AIR instruments don’t show up, in the list of VSTi’s in Nuendo.

They seem to work fine here. I just installed a trial of Hybrid and Loom, installed them to my custom VST plug-ins directory, and then loaded them as instruments on an instrument track.


VSTi’s work the same in Cubase and Nuendo. As long as they support the specifiaction of the VST standard
they can be used in any VST-compatible DAW.


Thanx, Timo! So, this seems like an AIT Music Tech" problem, then. Hybrid keeps crashing Nuendo.

Hmmmm :confused: