Cubase for Remixing and Mashups - Far from perfect

This is an area in which I think Cubase needs to improve a lot as it is becoming more important. Whenever I do a BPM analysis for example, it is always wrong. It is also complicated to use the tempo track and quantizing audio which is not in the same BPM during the entire song. I think this is something to work seriously on for Cubase 12. If you think I am wrong, I would love to see some tutorials how to use Cubase for these purposes.

I’ve always had good results from the BPM detector, the only hint I can offer is to not look at the results (which I admit do look way off) but use the tempo map it creates.
I suspect, however, this might not be suitable for your use where you want to know the BPM of a piece to enable mash-ups with other pieces. Seems like a sensible enough feature request. You should add that tag if you want it to be considered.

It won’t be added to Cubase 12 I suspect though as I think the spec of that is already pretty well determined. Maybe Cubase 13?

Sure , you want some tutorials , nothing better than from the man Greg himself . All the tutorials you need here .