Cubase For Surface Pro 3

Hello, I am looking to buy a Surface Pro 3. I am also looking to buy the Beginner’s Cubase (which ever one that is) as I haven’t used Cubase in years and want to hook it up to my Yamaha Clavinova.

I would like to know how Cubase performs on the Surface Pro, does it work well - are there limitations / frustrations - problems ? Is a lap top better ?

I would really appreciate comments from anyone who is using Pro with Cubase, and what Specifications would you need, an i3 Intel, or i5…a 64, 128 or 256 gb required to run Cubase comfortably.

Is it easy to use Cubase on Pro ?



Perhaps Steinberg themselves can give some guidance on performance of Cubase with Surface Pro 3 ?

I can’t believe that there is no one out of all these thousands of members on this community who are able to help !

Not even the Steinberg Facebook page has been helpful !

Can anyone with a surface pro answer the question. Does cubase work OK on this type of computer? Any problems?