Cubase for the visually impaired?

Hello folks,

I’m just wondering, can a blind person use Cubase?
Do you have any knowledge of how this kind of situation would work?

I know that you can use most of the software via key commands. But is it entirely possible to do it if you are completely blind?

Thank you!

Theres been some mention of people combining cubase with dragon.

Interesting! That’s a useful alley to explore even for the non-blind.

Controlling Cubase via voice commands sounds quite futuristic actually!

Here is a video with a blind guy using Cubase. It is from 2013, but most of the functions are the same or very similar:

There’s a video of a person who does advanced flight simulator work for various entities. I think it’s on the Cubase youtube channel. Sorry, I can’t search for the link right now but it should be easy to locate. Good luck.