Cubase for the visually impaired

I am a beginner slowly converting from the analog ARP 2600 to digital Cubase. Pardon me.
My skills are too new to complain as well as many of you about how Cubase performs.
But, visually, I do have a recommendation: Provide an ‘enlarged view’ for the visually handicapped.
The ability to move a mouse to the tiny ZOOM sliders is not pleasant for me. Make them bigger.
Clicking on a micro sized triangle for ‘presets’ was almost good, until I had to scroll to get to a routine image. I did not discover a ‘hot key’ to adjust Zoom.
Now, I am new to your ways, but, I would like to know how to Zoom into the track I am concentrating on, enlarged on-screen so I can see the changes. Then, with a keystroke, go back to viewing the full song and the rest of the tracks.

Apologies from a neophyte.

This particular thing is actually one of the Accessibility features built into Windows and Mac (you didn’t say which you use)

I understand screen zoom, thank you. As I read the manual, I missed that suggestion.
Now, how can we make the tiny Zoom sliders larger so they are easier to grasp?
Is the Preset Zoom the answer and can it be reduced to a short-cut?
The eye has to see where the mouse will work and sometimes the designer uses a larger display than my eyes. Old folks need large displays.

They’re not resizable, I’m afraid.

I don’t understand this question. What is “preset zoom”

Yep, those tiny zoom controls are way too small, but luckily nearly everything concerning zoom can be mapped to keyboard shortcuts (or is already mapped).
Look at the “Edit->Zoom” Menu:
Functions like “Zoom in/Out/Vertically” work the same in the arrangement window as in all the editors.
If you want to zoom in into one track, there is also the function “Enlarge the selected track” (Shift-v), which does exactly that, and you can then resize that enlarged track up to full screen. With another keypress, it minimizes back to regular size.

The (Shift+v) was what I needed. The whole menu is useful.
Thank you for the help, I am wiser.

Also, Zoom Presets are in the Cubase Artist Ops manual on page 74.