Cubase forgets my connections!

I’m running Cubase 10 on PC, and for the past few days, for some reason, in the Control Room I have to tell cubase which outputs to connect my monitor to, every time I start it up. Also - I use some outboard hardware and it’s now forgetting (disconnecting) all of my external effects each time I launch a new session… any fixes?


Try setting up all the connections to your liking. Then save it as a Template, and use that template to create new Projects.

Im still having this issue - Cubase 10 (10.0.3 on Windows 10). Even when I set up my routing as a template it forgets.


In the “Studio” tab, I select “audio connections”. The pop up window appears showing inputs, outputs, group FX etc etc in tabs. Looking at the INPUTS tab, and going to the “presets” drop down, I should be able to see previously saved preset connctions in there - even when I save a new connection with a new name, most of the time it forgets it and doesnt display it hence I cant recall it and have to set up connections manually. Why offer a presets drop down in this window if it wont remember them? Very frustrating… any solutions Steinberg?


Obviously they let you save presets because it does normally remember them.

Sounds like there is a good chance that your Preferences got corrupted. Try trashing your Preferences so it gets rebuilt. A quick forum search should give you instructions on how to do this.

Um…? You are turning all your external devices on before you load Cubase?

Same problem, and I used to have two presets saved, without having saved a template…

Yup, always.

thanks for the preferences advice - i’ll see if i can figure that one out. Glad its happening to someone other than just me!


Reading that you do turn your devices on before opening Cubase, I would double check my Device Manager to see if - indeed - those devices are truly ‘on’. You may have interface driver issues.

In my DAW, if I forget to turn the interface on - it happens - I experience what you are experiencing.