Cubase forgets my custom vst path upon closing

As the title says. Just upgraded from 8.5, imported my profile, all is well. Except… none of my plugins are loaded, weird. Even weirder, the custom vst directory I added has gone (which explains why it’s not scanned my vsts).

Going to have to go back to 8.5 in the meantime but would greatly appreciate if anyone can get me up and running on 9.

Things I’ve already tried:

Running in admin
Running not in admin
Copying over plugins.xml / pluginmanager.xml from 8.5 folder
Update to latest version


Make sure, your plug-ins are not blacklisted in Cubase 9, please.

Make sure Cubase 9 quits properly, and doesn’t crash while quit.

Cheers for the idea. I’m pretty sure it’s closing properly, but that would explain why the custom path isn’t sticking. I just checked crash dumps and there’s nothing there for 9, only some older 8.5 dumps.

First place I looked was the blacklisted plugins list, which is empty. The problem is that the custom path is deleted when I reload cubase. I thought maybe it’s the AV (Avast), set the virus shield to ignore appdata\steinberg\cubase9 but that hasn’t solved the issue.

As a workaround I just copied my entire custom directory to one of the default suggested ones. Hopefully someone can help me with a fix for this before a vst decides to install itself somewhere else then throws a fit when it’s moved to a different directory!