Cubase "forgot" all my export locations

when I export an audio mixdown, I click the drop-down icon at the right end of the “Path” bar - it USED TO display a list of the 20 or so most recent export paths. A couple weeks ago this feature suddenly stopped working, the only things displayed in the drop-down now are “Choose…” and “Use Project audio folder”.

I’ve been wrestling for weeks with this maddening audio drop-out issue, so maybe one of my many attempted solutions caused this. I can’t find a setting for it. Can anyone help?

Don’t know about your audio dropout issue(s), but as regards the export paths, despair no longer…!

Already noted and logged as a confirmed bug, to be addressed in a maintenance update (which exact update will remain to be seen; they already knew about this well before the v9.0.20 release, but it still missed the cut, for whatever reason…).

Thank you! I thought it was something I’d done wrong…

I’ll just tolerate it until the maintenance fix comes out.