Cubase freeze at start on VST mixer, need to disconnect and reconnect Focusrite

Hi, this post about a strange behavior with Cubase 12 Pro and Focusrite 2nd 2i2.

Sometimes, I start Cubase and it freezes on VST mixer step for 5 seconds and stop. When I try to restart, standard safe window appears in order to give me opportunity to disable settings or VST.
If I click OK without selecting options, same behavior, freeze and stop.
If I disconnect and reconnect my Focusrite USB, I can start Cubase without any issues. So, it could be Focusrite issue but don’t know what to do. Of course, Focusrite drivers are up to date and I tried to reset Cubase settings to default, same behavior.

It does that with Steinberg’s own UR interfaces too. Sometimes stuck at Mixer, sometimes Chord Pads…

Not very reassuring but at least, I’m not alone ! Thanks for your feedback @misohoza

I have the focusrite 18i8 that might be causing freeze ups when trying to shut down cubase 12 professional