Cubase freeze for 30/40 seconds every 5 min

Hello, since 2 days now cubase freeze for a long time every 5 min, then unfreeze by itself if I wait and do nothing

I am using cubase 12 pro and auto-save is turned off
Anti virus is turned off
I am on Windows 11

Have you turned off your wifi? There may some other program trying to operate or update in the background??? :grinning:

I turned off the wifi, doesn’t change anything
It often happens when opening or closing an instrument, it freezes for 30 or 40 seconds

Especially Kontakt

Does it crash Cubase? When you restart there an error message that is displayed that might throw some light on what’s causing it. There are programs like Latency mon you can download that monitor cpu useage and system faults.

Ok I will try this software
Cubase does NOT crash. It freezes for 20 seconds to 1min30s and then unfreeze

As hinted at earlier in the thread, some other program might be on a timer and kick in and use up a lot of [CPU] resources every 5 minutes. I would keep the Processes tab in Task Manager open, and wait for that 5 minute freeze to kick in. You will then be able to see in Task Manager if some other process is eating up your system resources, and what that process is.

Do you have autosave enabled every 5 minutes?
The issue could be connected to that.

autosave is OFF
I will try to monitor cpu next time

For now, I fixed some kontakt libraries that weren’t found by some kontakt instances, and it seems to have fixed the issue

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