Cubase Freeze

okay. I should have backup the project. I worked 6 hours with a cover song of a famour rockband. Using mixing techniques; waves etc. I was ready to export a mp3 (not yet saved!). The the famous CPU overload accoured while exporting. No problem I thought. I am using steinberg Yamaha interface MFR816X. Change the buffer from 64 (i was monitoring som GTR3.5 guitar tracks while also mixing) to 1024 (should solve the CPU Freeze). Then…Freeze. Cubase 6.04 does not respond. The buffer is changed correctly. And i can do other task in the background. Did the Ctrl+al+del and looked at cubase 6. Not responding. After 20 min I closed the application.
Windows 64 bit 8 GB RAM. WIndows 6.04 32 bit Focusrite liquid mix 16. 3.0. Waves 7 VST3.
All work gone. My misstake not saving. But I hate the “change buffer while CPU working hard - Hope for the best situation”.
Always Save! Lesson Learned.

auto-save? .bak files? look for them.

Are you saying you worked for 6 hours without saving?

Aloha M, that’s a real bummer,
but thanks for sharing that with us.

Newbies! Please learn this lesson!

Back-up! Back-up! Back-up! x∞


  1. autosave on 5 mins, even though it then often interrupts workflow while saving large projects
  2. Also I do Ctrl-Alt-S (File - Save New Version) to save an incremental version before I do big things and after I’ve done them (especially exports)
  3. Then I also save manually periodically (once every hour say) with my own incrementing version number and a short comment in the filename (e.g. needToFixBass) as a reminder of what I’m doing.

Belt and braces for me. I’ve had many times when I’ve had to grab back the latest .bak file. Also a fair few times when I’ve had to trawl back through a load of corrupted .cpr and .bak files to find the one which actually loads correctly. Then the comments I add to the filenames remind me of what I need to redo.


Yes six hour of work without saving. Thats me doing the “parachute jump”. I am to anxious to do a real jump. Instead not bother saving. A classic amateur.