Cubase freezes due to USB eLicenser communication problem

I DO have a working USB-eLicenser for a few years now.
But now it happened twice within a few days that I’m playing back an active project and Cubase freezes because of an USB eLicenser communication problem.
I looked but in both cases the licenser is still plugged firmly to the USB socket of my iMac. I tried to plug it out and back in, but this doesn’t help.
There’s no chance to get out of this. Cubase freezes, I can’t even answer the error pop-up message. And I can’t stop the playback, neither in the project window nor on my apple keyboard.
The last time I lost about one hour of work although the system is set to save automatically every 10 minutes.
What to do now???
Bildschirmfoto 2021-10-14 um 00.52.37