Cubase freezes during audio export

Cubase 10 started freezing during audio export constantly.
tried restarting computer, didnt help.
what can I try to fix this ?


Do you use offline export or in real time? What plug-ins do you use?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode? What happened in-between “it didn’t freeze” and “it’s freezing”?

I guess your footer says it all. Turn off your overclock!

offline export.

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will try to figure out how to do that. took me alot of days watchin youtube videos how to oveclock th CPU,
since st stock clock it was just as slow as my 12year old overcloked i7-920 PC


Oh, these are very old. I thing these plug-ins are not supported anymore. If they are not VST 2.4 (or newer), they are not supported. I’m afraid these plug-ins could be problematic.

These are quite CPU hungry plug-ins.

Cubase 10.5.30 freezes at the beginning of export and generates NO crash dump file.