Cubase Freezes during Auto-Save

recently Cubase started Freezes during Auto-Save. doesnt happen every single time but few times a day

anyone ?

Happens to me all the time, the bigger the project, the longer the freeze. Most likely because the auto-save happens in the main application thread, so no way around it unless they change their implementation. Have added a feature request for it here, so if you’d want to see it happen, vote there :slight_smile:

You mean it freezes for you for few seconds and recovers, or freezes with Cubase being unresponsive and doesn’t recover ?

Freezes and recovers after saving. What happens with you? Freezes completely so that you have to kill the process?

for me it always freezes for about 3 seconds when auto saving. But on this one project I’m working on when it’s auto-saving it sometimes makes Cubase hang and I have to end-task Cubase and restart it and of course loose some work in Cubase