Cubase freezes on audio rendering


Every so often when I try bouncing a midi region to audio, Cubase freezes after the audio has ‘0 seconds’ remaing to render.

Does anyone know why this might be happening and how I might be able to stop it from happening?



Could you share the crashdump via PM and Dropbox with me, please?

Okay I’ll do that next time it happens, thanks!

ah wish i was able to see this thread earlier. you’re not alone mine has also frozen at 0s for long periods of time.

Hey Martin

The rendering freeze finally happened again, although I don’t know how to share the crashdump. And by crashdump, I assume you mean the crash report, right? If so, how do I access the crash report? Usually when Cubase freezes I just have to force quit and never see the crash report


Yes I mean the crash report (dmp file).

Place it to Dropbox or similar service and send me the link to the file via PM, please.


Still having trouble finding the crashdumps folder

Could you be more specific with the path? I’m on a mac…

It’s exactly the folder Grim wrote. And the exact crashdump push is always written in the dialog when Cubase crashes.