Cubase freezes shortly when doing some actions

Hi there,

I recently bought Cubase Pro 10.5, and installed on my 3 computers. (a “top tier” PC, a more old but working PC and on a MacbookPro)

On the “powerful” PC i have an issue that is very annoying, and i surfed through the forums, but neither i haven’t typed the “correct words” (i’m not native english speaker so maybe I have trouble explaining my problem) or there is no info.

The thing is that when I do some actions, especially the ones related with routing (ex. changing the output of a track) cubase (audio and screen) freezes for a second, maybe two. Nothing crashes, just stops, and it is very frustrating when you have to do lots of repetitive tasks (like activating a row of plugins) that cause this problem.

The pause is worse when I have activated delay compensation for recording on a project that has many latency-causing plugins. it goes to 3-4 seconds, and when you change the track you are recording, or when you activate a track for recording, it’s even more.

I have strong evidence that is not a “raw power” PC issue, because the PC is fair powerful (8 core at 4x5, 16gb RAM, water cooling, cubase and projects on SSD…) and also, in the other machines I have (which are WAY less powerful) the issue is gone.

Also, I don’t think it’s the soundcard. In this PC, i use a classic crappy behringer UMC 202HD, but i use also it on the macbook without issues… On the other PC i use a UMC18i20, and also, no problems.

Any ideas? Thanks for the help in advance!

Hi and welcome,

If Cubase is frozen, use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate a DMP file, please.


maybe I explained myself incorrectly, but it doesn’t “freeze” (like when it crashes) permanently, only, as I said, 1 or 2 seconds. Then it continues working perfectly, but, it’s very frustrating to hgave to wait (and have the audio muted) 2s every time I activate or deactivate a plugin, specially when it’s a huge mix…

Also, thanks for the welcome! :slight_smile:

This is the Cubase audio engine. It’s not continuous so if you add a plug in or do various tasks the audio will drop out. It’s pretty sub par and there are threads on here moaning about it.


You can try to increase your Audio Device Buffer Size. But as JackJackdaw said, there are some tasks, when audio drop outs appear. For example when you insert a plug-in, the track has to be shifted (to compensate the plug-in delay). Therefore the drop out appears.

Hi ant thanks for the answer!

I don’t think it’s a Buffer issue, because it ocurrs at low and higher buffer settings… Also, I have, as I said, a pretty powerful machine…

Regarding to the “engine thing”

Maybe it’s because of this (again, thanks for the answer) But i’m prettty sure that in other versions of the cubase and on other PCs I don’t have this problem (see my first post, on the Macbook, and on an 1st generation i3 with Windows7 I have less issue, and on the 4,5ghz 8core AMD with W10, i have it “aggravated”).