Cubase freezes upon opening some plugins & periodic noise distortion during playback

The freezing started happening yesterday, the noise distortion maybe a few days before that.

What’s happening with the freezing is I’ll open up a plugin (VST3, but might happen with VST2 as well) and try to manipulate it but am completely unable. I’ll attempt to close the plugin, then Cubase will be completely unresponsive.

I tried deleting my settings and that fixed the issue yesterday. However it happened again today, so I went ahead and deleted my settings. Worked like a charm… for about 10 minutes. After that, it started occurring again. Now, no matter how many times I delete the project settings, every time I load up the project where this happened, Cubase freezes if I try to open said plugin.

This only occurs on previously saved projects. If I start a new project and attempt to open the same plugin that caused the previous freeze, it works fine.

As far as the noise distortion, I’m not sure the cause. It could be from my interface (I posted on their forums as well) but it’s very possible it’s a Cubase issue. I’ll be working on a project then after a while, all playback becomes distorted with what sounds like some sort of white or pink noise. It’s not from a particular track or plugin, it’s everything. After 5 or 10 minutes of waiting (or playback), the distortion will disappear but eventually return.

It disappears if:
-I close the project (or Cubase) and reopen it
-I change a setting in the studio setup for my interface or unplug/replug it in
-Wait long enough
-Possibly other things I don’t recall

Things I’m sure is not the problem:

USB cables can also go bad, resulting in distortion and crashes. You don’t list your gear or OS, hard to guess what could be the culprit.