Cubase freezes when quitting application

Ever since I updated to the latest version Cubase Pro 11.0.41 Cubase freezes when trying to quit the program.

I trashed the preferences but its still happening. Its happening with sessions that have 1 audio track and no plugins loaded.

I know posting here is like shouting into a dark void and Steinberg won’t provide any help but hopefully they see this and bring a fix eventually.

Otherwise, can I downgrade to the previous version? 11.04

The problem always is that this is not true for the majority.
There are quite a few different versions of win 10 and 11 as well as Mac OS. Each could have its own problems.

Maybe if everyone who has this problem put down all the details of their operating systems then steinberg could narrow down to certain build where this happens

Yes, of course. If it was everyone I’m sure it’ll be fixed already.
It’s strange though that my system ran fine until the recent update. I’ll try to reinstall the update but from past experience it probably won’t do much.

you are not the only one its happening on my machine as well and it also keeps my machine from completely shutting down. I was wondering if you found a solution?

Yes, I had a lot more issues eventually too.

I got a tip from a user here to delete all Cubase preferences folders, including preferences folders from previous versions of Cubase.
Once I did that all problems went away.

I’ll try that. Thanks so much. Its very frustrating. Sometimes it’s like talking to a wall. I’ll let you know if that works.