Cubase freeze's when starting when scanning vst3

Whenever I start Cubase (version 9 or 9.5) it freeze’s always the first time so I have to press crtl alt del to start over again. After that it will start normal. The moment when Cubase freeze’s is when it’s scanning the vst3 plugins. So there must be a problem with one (or more) of them.

How can I found out quickly which plugin causes this problem. Because I have many plugins installed I cannot take out all vst3 and put them 1 by 1 in again. So is there another workaround to found the problem plugin. Is there a list with plugins which are giving trouble?


First rename the VST3 folder and confirm it doesn’t happen without VST3
Now create an empty VST folder with the correct name and copy half the plugs in. If it works add half the remaining half back in, if not take another half out. repeat… It really doesn’t take long to narrow down (assuming it is a specific plug causing the problem)

Remember to note which plugs you are adding/removing (by alphabetical order is my preference) so when it crashes you can take those back out and try half of them.