Cubase "freezes" while the mouse button is pressed (Editor). [Kinda solved though!]

I’ve been experiencing a rather perplexing issue while editing notes in Cubase’s Editor (or Edit In Place-Editor), which initially led me to believe there was a serious malfunction in the software. The problem occurred when I tried to select a note in the Editor using the mouse with the intention of moving it with the arrow keys. Inexplicably, the sound would play, and then Cubase would freeze for some seconds! This pause caused all my arrow key inputs to be delayed, and once Cubase unfroze, it executed all these buffered commands simultaneously.

For many days, I tirelessly attempted to decipher the pattern behind this erratic behavior, suspecting it might be related to my computer’s handling of RAM, virtual memory, or hard drive issues – all of which are notoriously complex to resolve.

However, a breakthrough came when I discussed this on another forum and meticulously tried to describe the issue:

  1. I would click a note to select it.
  2. Next, I would use the arrow keys to move it or navigate to the next note.
  3. Sometimes(!!), in a completely unpredictable manner, everything would freeze. After a brief period of inactivity, with only the sound playing, the accumulated arrow key commands would suddenly execute, creating a cacophony of discordant notes.

I got this comment who said “So, it’s like there isn’t any Note Off-message sent to your VST?”. My first thought was “eh, yeah? Apparently there is no Note Off?” but then an epiphany struck me - could the issue be with the MOUSE failing to send its MouseButtonUp event to the computer intermittently?

To test this theory, I clicked and held the mouse button down while pressing the arrow keys for a few seconds, then released the mouse button. The result? The exact same freezing effect, but this time, it was consistently reproducible!

The culprit, it turns out, is not Cubase, but rather my mouse, its driver, or perhaps the operating system. For some reason, my Bluetooth MX Anywhere 3 mouse occasionally fails to send the MouseButtonUp event, causing Cubase to freeze while waiting for this signal.

The workaround for this issue involves either changing the mouse or selecting notes by drawing a selection box around them. However, I still believe Cubase could be optimized to handle events as Mouse Click better, since the whole cubase process freezes while awaiting the MouseUp event. To me, it sounds like a bug in the selection routine.

I have now tested 3 different mouses (two bluetooth and one wired) and one Macbook Pro Touchpad, and they all behave the same way! The MouseClick-Up-event (or finger-up-event on the touchpad) that should send a “note off” gets missed by Cubase or the OS(X) sometimes.

This causes the VST to behave as if the mouse button is pressed.

While the mouse button is pressed, and the sound is playing, everything “freezes” while waiting for the Note off…

The same happens if I click inside the Arrangement. It behaves as if I click-and-hold (like for selecting something). While holding the mouse down, all following key commands gets buffered and is thrown out when the mouse button is released (or, after some frozen seconds if you’re in my shoes for random mouse clicks).

I have never, ever experienced this in any other application, so I’m certain this is due to some hardcore mouse-event-handling in Cubase.

(if someone saw another thread by me regarding the difficulties I have switching between Zones while using tools-shortcuts - this is the background reason why I don’t prefer to click the zone first :wink: )