Cubase freezing after trying to install HALion plugin (that did not show up)

Hi, so I’ve had Cubase for a while. And since I did not download HALIon when i first downloaded Cubase Elements 11 a few years ago, I wanted to try some of the synths in HALion.
Here is some feedback to cubase:
During this proccess I found that the “easy” way would be to download it first through download assistant and when I had the program, I would download the content from HALion sonci 7 from the Library Manager.
The thing is, in Steinberg Download Assistant I don’t even have Cubase downloaded, which I have, and there is no option to relocate it so the Download assistant knows I already have it installed.
But I tried to download it though the program anyway. Of course it did nothing.
I open up Cubase and now I have HALion sonic, but no sounds or anything.
I search online, everyone says to use the “library manager” but for me, that one is just blank, and I tried to uninstall and then install it again, now it won’t open.

Well, I see online that you can manually download HALion and run it. And that is what I do.
After this, my Cubase won’t open and give me the error code “Could not connect POS”, and before you tell me that there are several thread about this, I know, I’ve read them all. I did what they told others and manually downloaded the latest drivers here " VST Connect SE/Pro Updates and Downloads | Steinberg"
Nothing worked. Tried uninstall them all, then install them. I have the latest windows version as well, tried restarting the computer several times. There are no crash rapports, it’s driving me crazy. I just wanted to download HALion that was included when I bought Cubase, but now all these problem happens.
I’ve sitting with this around 5 hours and I don’t want to reinstall Cubase again, I’ve already done that when I hade issues before with audio being delayed.
But I would be forever grateful for a fix for this issue, or at least for the future, if cubase could have a file you can download to search and fix errors like this, it’s almost having me to switch to Mac or another music software, I can’t take it much longer.

Thanks in advice.


The POS referes to the eLicenser. Please, try to uninstall-, download the latest version and install eLicenser afain. If you are on Windows, install it as administrator, please.

Btw, you need a library for the HALion Sonic (SE), to get some sound. Download HALion Sonic SE Content, please. And then once, you get up and running, make sure, you also load any path/sound into HALion, to get a sound.

After this, i restarted the PC.

Downloaded the latest version like you said.

Looks good.

Starting Cubase with admin:
Freezes here once again.

Any advice?


Please, don’t start Cubase as administrator, rather install Cubase and eLCC as administrator, please.

I deleted everything and reinstalled everything. Now it works.
I must add, that I’ve seen others point out, is that it’s very annoying process to download everything.

Please, Cubase , if you are reading this.
I’ve paid for this program. And when stuff don’t work, like in my case, why can’t everything just be on the login page.

For example.
It should somewhere be an easy guide, or at least in my profile say I need to download “download assistant”, “eLicenser control center” the “library manager” and then a link you each and one of them.


here you activate your license you find under “my products when you login”
eLicenser Control Center - License Management - Details & Downloads – Steinberg Support

Then you download the programs from:
Steinberg Library Manager | Steinberg

And then add extra content like HALion :
Steinberg Library Manager | Steinberg

Thanks for your help. Just wrote all of this in hope that it can be easier for everyone in the future. Cubase is great but I feel like the website is not too user friendly.