Cubase freezing and crashing

Hi guys, I’ve been having this problem for a while now where Cubase will randomly freeze then crash. It seems to be related to ucrtbase.dll
Cubase hasn’t been creating any crash logs for the latest crashes but in Windows event viewer it’s being listed as the faulting module.
From looking at other posts in the forum, I see that people have solved the problem by removing the radeon drivers and using the default windows driver. Is this really the only fix? I’d rather keep the proper drivers if possible as I also use my pc for gaming.

Also, what are you experiences with the Steinberg support? I’ve submitted several requests about multiple issues and haven’t received any reply or acknowledgement 22 days later. Is this normal? Getting pretty frustrated now as Cubase and my UR816C are essentially unusable.


Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately something is not really well compatible (especially with gaming) graphics cards. It seems, these graphics cards do (probably) some Windows settings (registry), which leads to the crash in the ucrtbase.dll.

So it seems its the only one solution to use default/native Windows driver.

On Mac, there is a utility, where you can switch the graphics card driver on the fly. Is there a similar utility on Windows?