Cubase Freezing Up Randomly - Need Help Please

Cubase 11 will randomly just freeze or “beachball” out of nowhere and I cannot figure out why. This has happened since day one with C11. I’ve let Cubase sit for a long time to see if it eventually responds but I’m always forced to “Force Quit”. The same template / project in Cubase 10.0 & 10.5 runs fine without any freezing.

Things I’ve tried:

  • removing all non-Steinberg plugins except VE Pro.
  • removing non-essential hardware peripherals.
  • Completely uninstalled ALL versions of Cubase and their Preferences, then reinstalled only Cubase 11.
  • Updated from Mojave to Catalina.

I don’t have any MacOS crash reports, unfortunately. When I “Force Quit”, I have the option to send the info to Apple, but for some reason it’s not creating Crash report files in Console. And this forum won’t let me attach TextEdit files where I copied in the crash data generated.


Via PM, I sent you a way, how to force Cubase to generate a *.crash file.

Hi Martin,

I PM’d you back, but I’m not sure if it went through.


I have the same problem in my MAC …


I also sent you PM.

But I have just read your duplicate post. And this seems to be something different. It seems, just the GUI is frozen, but Cubase is still running.

So the process I sent you via PM doesn’t make sense, it will not point to anything.

Are you using macOS 10.14 or 10.5, please?

10.5 Catalina


Could guys provide me (via PM) your system report (spx file), please? That would be helpful.