Cubase freezing when I change buffer

I seem to have run into a problem in the last couple of weeks where whenever I change my buffer Cubase stops playing any sound and the only thing I can do to get it back is change the buffer back to what it was. In order to actually get a different buffer size to work I need to change the buffer size then restart my computer. It’s getting very annoying.

Any ideas on fixes anyone?

you are opening the driver through Device Setup/ ?
I have experienced similar problems with both Motu and TC devices, got fixed in both cases with a driver update.

Yeah via device setup, and my drivers (RME Babyface) are the latest.

Thanks anyway.

RME usually are pretty good at drivers. Are you syncing you babyface to external clock ?
You could try disabling any wdm channels you may have set in the RME driver.

I’m not syncing to an external clock no, although I am using an ADAT.

I’ve disabled all the wdm channels. I did have the default 6. I’ll see how I get on. Thanks :slight_smile: