Cubase freezing

For some reason my Cubase cue line keeps freezing and I cannot get it to move again. However dragging to a certain point in the project still makes it pick up and play from that point. I have tried restarting cubase, but it seems to happen again and again.

I am on PC with quad processor so this shouldn’t be an issue for the computer.

Also, my automation points wont freely move to where I want them to eg. change the volume at a certain point. I can lay a point, but then cannot drag and adjust it. Do I need to turn something on for this, or may I have accidentally turned something off?

Any ideas please people?


This only seems to be happening when I try to change Automation on a prologue white noise sample. I have tried to remove it and made a new channel and made the white noise again, bit still happens.

Have also checked CPU processor useage and it is very low so should not cause this problem.


What happens in a new project?