Cubase full version not showing up

Hello, I bought cubase elements 9(the full version) a few weeks ago, and It’s been really bugging me that the name of the application is “Cubase LE AI Elements 9”, which means it’s light edition, even though I bought the full version, at first I thought it was normal, but for my friend it doesn’t say that. I would really appreciate if someone told me why this might be the case. Thanks!

Elements is not the “full” version. Pro is the “full” version
see comparison chart please

LE/Elements/AI are “light” versions, Pro/Artist have more features


Cubase LE, AI and Elements share the same installer. It is basically the same program and it is the license that determines which functions and content are “unlocked”.

…and further to all that has been said (which i correct) what does the splash screen say as the program is launching and indeed in the bar at the top when the program is running? If that says “Cubase LE AI Elements 9” then something strange is going on but if that is merely the name of the executable file then all is fine.

I’m on mac btw, the splash screen says “Cubase Elements 9”, but when it’s open in the corner it still says “Cubase LE AI Elements 9”

Sounds like you have the correct version, Elements, then.

If it was LE or AI that is what would show on the splash screen. The differences are from memory in the number of audio tracks that can be recorded and the number of effects included.

LE versions tend to come free with non-Steinberg/Yamaha hardware whilst AI comes bundled with Yamaha/Steinberg hardware.