Cubase gets stuck while using soundtoys 5 bundle

Hello, juat purchased the soundtoys 5 bundle and i noticed that everytime i use the plugins cubase gets stuck and i have to force my computer to shut it through the task manger.
That never happened yo me before with any other plugin and i think that it might be relate to cubase 12 or the current version of soundtoys 5 bundle.
Anyone even ran into the same issue and perhaps knows how to solve this problem?

FWIW, I’m running Cubase 12.0.51 and the latest Soundtoys 5 bundle on my Win11 machine without any problems, so it can work. Maybe it’s something that’s unique to your configuration?

Have no idea why this thing can happen :frowning:

Have the latest Cubase and Soundtoys version and haven’t noticed anything like that either.
Are you using the VST2 or VST3 version?

To verify if its really Soundtoys, you can use my tutorial here:
(Requires a bit of work, though)

(See the first post there on how to get WinDbg)

If it is really the case, a bug report with Soundtoys is the best option.

Hey i tried to use both and both causing the same problem.
Ill try to follow your instructions in the comment below

i couldnt really understand fully what to do
although i cant quit just the project because cubase is stuck and the only option i have is end the task from the task manger.
i tried to do that debugging thing but i couldnt find where to qrite that “K” you mentioned.
im kind of lost and cant tell what exactly causing this crash because all the other plugins i own works amazing.