Cubase Glue Tool Different from Usual?


(1)Cubase Glue Tool|690x128
I’ve just been sorting out various takes to stitch together, but when I go to glue them together, something that I’ve never seen before happens. As the screenshots show, once they are glued together, they look different from usual (here, the waveform has kept the green colour from the original track I took the section from, but the background is the orange of the new track that I’ve dragged it to. It has also lost the white square for adjusting the volume. It does still play, but I don’t want to find down the line that something else in addition to the option to adjust the volume has disappeared.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Gluing Audio Events together creates an Audio Part which can contain one or more Audio Events. Double+Clicking on it will open the Audio Part Editor and let you access the component Audio Events. You can also use Audio>Dissolve Part to restore the Events. See the manual for more details.

There is a section in the manual titled something like Building the perfect Take that you might want to check out. It’s in the area talking about the Comp Tool.

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Thanks. I haven’t been able to find that bit in the manual yet, but I’ll keep looking. At least I have an idea of what I’m looking for now.
Thanks again

In the Cubase 13 manual it is in the section Track Handling - Lanes, Takes and Overlapping Events, not sure for C11. The actual name is “Assembling a Perfect Take” so you could search for that.

Thanks. Using ‘bounce selection’ seems to have done the trick.