Cubase goes ding every time I hit a keyboard stroke

I didn’t do anything that I’m aware of to cause this. Not windows behavior as it doesn’t happen in other running applications. Very annoying.

Sorry I’m not at Cubase & don’t use this feature so don’t know its proper name.

But you can set Cubase so that it will use keys on an ASCII Keyboard to mimic a MIDI keyboard controller. This lets folks “play” on their computer keyboard. Good chance this got turned on somehow.


This happens either of you show On-Screen keyboard or if you enable it by previewing a preset with the keyboard in any of the MediaBay. Even if you close MediaBay, the On-Screen keyboard remains active.

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Then how DO you stop the unwanted ding please?

If this is really the case, open MediaBay and select any Audio sample to show the Audio file preview, please.

You lost me there. I have never used media bay and my stuff is all midi at present so I use virtual instruments, no samples. I did find that the ding in question is provided by way of Toontrack Orchestral 2, a collection of percussion instruments and can be eliminated except for a little bleed by muting the instrument.

Who the hell is making this ding, and how do they even know what sample sets I’m using? I’m a TERRIBLE typist so now and then I trigger some feature I don’t use or understand. Can you explain, as simply as possible and without refernce to media bay.,how to make it stop?


It’s difficult to help if you don’t respond to the replies people make.

So is it open?

If you are reffering to the one that pops up when you hit the kbd icon in windows., Yes. But I expect you are talking about something else. I am ignorant and need instruction. Help me Obi Wan, you are my last hope.


This is the On-Screen Keyboard. You can see the same graphics of the keyboard in any MediaBay window/rack, if you select any instrument preset.

Errmm , then this sounds like a windows thing

Ah yes, I have seen that thing. It opens from from the studio menu, or alt k . I never use it, intentionally though I have opened it by mistake, I am really really terrible typist. So something is making it play tones. My question is and has been.

  1. How does it get turned on in this mode?
  2. How can I turn it off.

Respectfully -Jan Peek.


As it is described in the manual, which I linked above… You can switch the On-Screen Keyboard On and Off via Studio > On-Screen Keyboard, or the Alt+K Key Command.

Is it a toggle, ie alt k ON, alt k Off, alt k on, etc? I did not see a menu entry to turn it off. But that aside, my original questions: How did this feature playing audio samples on the ascii kid get turned on ( I did not do it intentionally) and how do I turn it off? We’ve only ever gotten as far as the virtual kbd.



As I mentioned already, press Alt+K to turn it Off.


Thanks for the suggestion. It did nothing for my problem. Still shows a stuck note. Anyway I have moved on. I’ve ordered a new computer (this one I’ve had since the end of 2015).

First time ever in 30 years, I’ve had a Cubase problem which couldn’t be solved.

Thanks again for your effort.

In conclusion this is a message to Martin, Steve and Raino. I end up in this forum not that often when I don’t understand some behavior in Cubase. So I’m not a regular part of the community really. I am however intelligent and technically sophisticated being an engineer and a Cubase user for 15 years. I do not feel that I always get respect in the discourse. I’m not pointing fingers but I often get curt answers with the implied tone of “everybody knows that but dumb newbies”.
I really don’t appreciate that .

I am by intent a perpetual newby as I only use 10% of Cubase features and have no plan learn the other 90%. Probably there are many others like me. Please respect the 10%ers.

Does the “ding” have the same pitch regardless of what keyboard key you press? Does it make the sound on all keys — Backspace, Esc, F keys, etc?

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I think you may be perceiving a tone that’s really not there. The folks who regularly answer questions here are doing it to help their fellow users of Cubase. And a large number of those are from folks with less experience using Cubase overall, or even on a specific topic. Anyway, the kind of people that donate their own time like this, they typically don’t hang out mocking the rubes.

Keep in mind that the folks answering a question don’t know much about the skill level of the asker, so we tend to explain the basics in case that is needed. This is further complicated by language. Many posters are not native English speakers and sometimes phrase things oddly - both Q and A (I suspect that this is the source of what you sense as being “curt” also some folks are answering a huge number of questions daily - don’t conflate “terse” & “curt”). There’s on occasion even Google Translate in the mix. I wouldn’t give much weight to any perceived tone.

There do seem to be some folks who get very offended when asked questions which are ‘beneath’ them. Often they are the ones who provide minimal info on their issue.

Q: My car doesn’t work.
A: What do you mean by “work”?
Q: I mean it doesn’t work, I can’t drive from here to there. It doesn’t run.
A: OK, so you mean the car won’t even start?
Q: When?
A: When you turn the key?
Q: Of course I’m turning the key. What do you think I am, a moron…?

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