Cubase goes that bit further

I been a bit fed up with cubase these last few months just had enough of the mix console like many i really dont like it.But the main reason being the terrible handling of windows under window’s 7.
From sx 3 i skipped till c6 which cost me a bit then skipped from 6 to 7.5 again somewhere in the region of 150 to 200 a thread i last made explaining my frustration of the windows problem not being fixed i decided maybe its time to look at learning a second DAW.

In the past out of interest i have demoed pro tools 11 which was nice but it wouldn’t play will with superior drummer 2.0 on my system also it was a touch pricy.
plus no midi drum editor
i demoed samplitude that was after using cubase for many years just a mind F*** and very hard to get my head around. This has a midi drum editor but i just didn’t like the daw i know its held in high regard but to me it felt really cheap?
I also quite a while back before i upgrade to c6 demoed studio one it felt good but it again had no midi drum editor which is a major problem with me i have really come to rely on it plus their were crackles and pops in the reacordings and it was pretty new back then presonus only offered a basic trial with no use of your own i left it and stuck with steinberg and upgraded to 6.

I digress

I decided to give studio one another go yesterday and tonight and if it delivered i would use cubase for midi and drum programming then go with s1 for recording audio and mixing.

I gotta be honest im no fan boy and im not just saying this but s1 fair enough is only version 2 but it just doesn’t compare to cubase power wise.I have a pretty powerful DAW windows 7 pro i7 2600k over clocked to 4.5,3 ssd’s,750 watt psu 16 gig ram blah blah blah.

I noticed the performance metres in s1 was pretty high considering i only had superior drummer and slate fg grey plugin in the project so decided to push it with plugins and MAN it bottled.Granted i hammered it with plugins but it crashed!

But good old cubase went past and beyond what s1 could take it even still played where s1 crashed and burned. Cubase didn’t crash i guess i could of made it eventually but the point was already made.
Im not here to dump on s1 it just happen’s to be the DAW i chose as its pretty neat looking daw and people who use it say the work flow is excellent.

So recently after myself being fed up with it and reading about cubase pro 8 and people calling it junk ect ok venting their frustrations about mcu and various other issues.i guess steinberg released it a little to early maybe they need to expand on their beta testers hold out on releases untill they have better results on .0 versions because cubase really is the daddy of DAW’s and i for one am very grateful for it and when the kinks are ironed out i will happily upgrade.

So thanks steinberg i wont stray again

What a refreshing post… though I wasn’t optimistic when I first started reading it :smiley:.

I’ve been around the block with DAWs over the last 18 years and consider myself to be (or have been in the past) pretty adept in Live, Reaper & PT, and my initial impression of C8 (my first Cubase product) is very positive.
Unfortunately I’ve also gotten the impression this forum is extremely negative towards SB and I’m already ignoring several of those posts. Strangely, I’ve found that the German area is generally more positive, or at least constructively critical so I’ve been spending some time over there :ugeek:.

Regarding C8 on Win7x64, yes I’ve seen some annoying quirks but it’s not enough to ruin my day, or to speak about the dev team like they’re idiots. The grass is greener for some, but IMO C8 has a well-rounded feature-set that can’t be found elsewhere (I haven’t used Logic so I can’t speak to that).

Nice to read. Welcome home.

Yes, I also feel refreshed having my prostate verbally massaged :laughing:

Whatever floats your boat Qbass :laughing:

Yeh cheers guys could someone help me out with something please.
I read in a thread on here some user’s were experiencing an audio click noise in version 8 i only briefly read it and planed to go back and read it fully when i had more time but i cant find it now.

Could anyone tell me more about it or has it been fixed.


Not the click track before someone says it. :wink:

Must be setting or an individual plug causing the performance difference (there are some issue reports from Slate Digital users on the S1 forum for instance).

I can push S1 just as hard as Cubase 7.5 without crashing.
In fact both programs behave exactly the same on my system. CPU and ASIO figures are equal (obviously) when stashing both DAW’s with the exact same VST’s.

Hi Niles

To be honest i was mainly using slate plugins think i thew in some softube for good measure too.