Cubase Graphic-Bug

So i downloaded the Cubase LE AI Elements 11 Application.
I have this problem where as soon as i click on anything inside the program my screen gets some weird graphic errors

My graphic-card: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti
I hope someone could help me out.

Thanks Eric

Hi Eric,
Go into Preferences under General and try toggling the HiDPI setting.

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunatly it has not fixed my problem.

Sent a link to a topic with something that might help. Trying to get a little Discourse fancy. Here’s the topic in case you don’t get it. The second post is what you should try (by Martin Jirsak)

I tried it. But i didn`t work for me.

I can`t find any solution for this problem.

I had an issue similar. Dedicated on board graphic for cubase instead of GeForce and it worked for me

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Switching to On-board graphics like @joedtrucker suggested is worth a try, if that’s an option for you.
Maybe try setting a different screen resolution, then switching back.
Otherwise, try re-installing Cubase. Not too many options left.

i had same issue after a Nvidia graphics card driver update.
Go to NVIDIA control panel
in 3d settings click manage 3d settings
find ‘image sharpening’ and disable it.