Cubase graphic crash!

Hi everyone!

I noticed some graphic failure during my working process in Cubase. My channel eq suddenly started acting itself in a weird manner - when I move my cursor over eq section - graphics break up into bits.


Your graphic card is most probably not compatible with Cubase or the driver doesn’t work properly. What graphic card do you use? Try to install the very latest update. If there is a Studio or Gaming driver type, download the Studio one. If it doesn’t help, uninstall the driver and use default generic Microsoft graphic card driver instead of the dedicated manufacturer driver.

Hi, Martin! My laptop is equipped with Geforce GTX 1050 and I use studio driver.


Could you try the Windows generic driver, please?

I did as you said and seems it works, but my whole system works fine on this driver, I run my chrome browser on my Gforce card and it works fine.