Cubase GrooveAgent mapping a Roland TD-07 V-drum kit- need help!

Hello Everyone…I know this has been brought up and my head is exploding seeing the results. I am trying to map a set of Roland TD-07 V drums into Groove Agent. I am currently running Nuendo 12 ( Cubase 12) Is there a complete thread on this subject anywhere? I will be hoping to assign my " notes" lower octave / check that my midi preferences are correct/ check my I’s and O’s…etc. When all of the lunacy is done, has anyone ever been able to save this as a preset? Where do you save this inside Cubase / Groove Agent? I am seeing that EZ Drummer may be an easier way to go regarding the hi hat open/close issue. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. ( Please be gentle, I am an overwhelmed newbie lol)

I’m using different drum software but the only issue that you may encounter is with the high hats. But if they accommodate for foot control in GA5, then you should be fine. Either way, it can take time to sort things out; I’ve never been able to avoid a learning curve yet. :slight_smile:

The TD-07 V consists of two elements: the physical midi drums and the sounds.
Can you describe what you exactly want to achieve?
Would you like to use the physical drums in order to play any Groove Agent kit?
Would you like to trigger you Roland sounds through Cubase?
Or something else…?

Thank you Roland111. I will be having a go at it again this weekend. I am on the newest GA software.

Hello Johnny! I am trying to finish a rock song from 25 years ago and need EITHER Roland TD-07 drum sounds ( which I’m happy with) straight into a Cubase track ( if that is easier) OR try to use the GA sounds triggered through the Roland. I’m looking for the quick n dirty route -nothing complicated. My background? I went all in and purchased Nuendo 11 ( now 13) with absolutely no prior DAW experience ( yikes) I am trying to fumble through and add guitar/ bass and now drums. After this song is done I will probably sell the drums and figure out how to program drums right from the DAW/ my keyboard/mouse. That will take me two years as I am a newbie knucklehead. I just need to get this drum hurdle over with lol. Thanks for the initial reply.

For the part where you want to bang your drums to trigger sounds from Groove Agent:
I assume each of the drums will produce a midi note message, ie. you would see a bunch of notes if you record the banging on a midi track.
You can use a Drum Map in Nuendo. A Drum Map let’s you connect any midi note that your drum kit produces to any note that Groove Agent expects to receive.
Kindly take a look at the manual for how to set this up.

Regarding getting the drum sounds from the Roland into the computer:
If you plan to play them live you basically only need to record them onto an audio track. That requires to have an audio connection form the sound module to your audio interface.

Thanks Johnny for the extra info. I have compiled a bunch of YT videos and gathered some more info up to when they start going into every DAW imaginable ( *none for Cubase ! *) I’m hoping to get each drum now into separate midi tracks so I can properly pan and later treat with effects. Thanks again Johnny. Appreciate your advice. If anyone wants to add a screen shot of the corrected mapping screen that would be cool. I hope to tackle this tomorrow.