Cubase grouping causes loss of brightness and dynamics

I wish I could post clean audio here.
Make a dry session with no effects.

A/B compare and identical mono vocal on a main outs track vs a mono group channel. The group channel becomes softer and duller.

Also, as example, place a kick on the timeline in a four on the floor pattern. the kicks are punchy… bounce them together as one file and they lose punch.

Tips for better mixes. Always use drum machines for making drum patterns.
Dont use groups unless you want something softer.
Vocals are way better if not sent to a group.
Until Steinberg fixes that. Im thinking.
Lead vocals
synths strings horns pads etc…

I make dance music so impact is crucial. I cant imagine why its that way. Ive been using cubase 20 years. I didnt realize the bounce to file softened the transient of the first sound until 6 months ago. I always wondered why I lost punch along the way making the song. A kick will go from a bright clicky attack to a more dull softened attack. The transient of the down beat is the most important too!

Email me if you want an audio illustration.