Cubase GUI freezes

When working with external synths, I often have this problem that the Cubase GUI completely freezes and the sound keeps playing. When this happens there is nothing I can do to stop the sound, because the GUI is completely unresponsive. The only solution is to kill the Cubase process in Taskmanager (and losing my progress).

This usually happens when adding a new track while audio is playing.

I’m using Windows 10 64 bit with a UR44 audio interface.

I have this happen occasionally and an having graphical issues as well. I have no answers unfortunately but you are not alone

I have this happen occasionally and an having graphical issues as well. I have no answers unfortunately but you are not alone

Still happening in 10.5. Do I really need to stop playback every time I want to add a new track or insert a new FX? It’s 2019, not 1985.

Just started happening for my control M to bring up mixer, I get the beach ball. Takes forever to stop, then I get response… .5 brought this on, never had that before.

BTW OSX Mojave on a new Macbook Pro with plenty of what’s needed :slight_smile:.

It’s completely unacceptable! We’re supposed to create music here and not write on this “issue” forum! What are the Steinberg people doing?? Aren’t they supposed to check out that their poop works before releasing it?? This is the worst DAW ever! Complete rubbish!

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Yes, Cubase 10.5 freezes on editing audio or MIDI, what a disappointment, … my iMAC never had with Cubase 10.0.x or earlier such a huge memory consumption. Completely out of control. What Steinberg have done with that DAW ?

Hi The same happening here, Cubase 10.5 Freeze every morning When I open a plugin, If I don’t give a couple of minutes for window to start all of the services, (I guess)
For some reason it looks like is related with some windows components so If I wait a little bit after start my computer and then open cubase, it wont freeze.
This never happen before
working on windows 10 64bit Familly 19.09

Hello. Same here. Mac OS 10.14 - Cubase Artist 10.5.
It happened after upgrading from Artist 9 to Artist 10.5.

How I reproduce it: Start playback and then open the key editor in separate window, all GUI hangs, while playback is still running in background, key interactions like SPACE for pause or NUM 1 have lag.
I checked on older Artist 9 and everything is OK.
Waiting for a solution :open_mouth:

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/From my ther post./

I have had this issue for a long time. Whenever I open channel settings, it stops responding, sometimes instantly, sometimes after few seconds. It also sometimes happens to plugins when they are visible. Sometimes also the whole ui locks down when channel settings are opened. The way to unlock it is to click on Windows Taskbar, then I can close it, but sometimes i need to repeat this process few times. I tried contacting support but I can’t seam to be able to anymore and figured I would have to get 10.5 update, right? Anyway, any idea how to fix this, cause it is super annoying and shouldn’t be happening.

Win 10, Laptop, Cubase 10

On my case it was the windows 19.09 update that was making problems, I roll back to window 10 1903 and everything is working perfect now

Hey guys,

Any news to this issue?

I had a workaround to this, since I figured out this is a graphic card issue.

I was working on my laptop with a 2nd monitor plugged in. This was the problem. My GC wether didn’t like me working on two different monitor settings (144khz and 60khz) OR was irritated by me forcing Cubase to run on onboard graphics in the first place but plugging in a second screen - which is always controlled via the ext GC. So that may have also caused the conflict. Any who - since I am working on the laptop screen it runs without freezing.

Stupid and sad. But for now this is my approach.
Needless to say, that I’m really disappointed about the steinberg engineers and the support. No one cares. Even if it’s a NVIDIA Problem… GO and talk to this guys! Find a proper way of using the Gui… :neutral_face:

It looks like disabling HiDPI fixed this for me. Since I don’t use any scaling I don’t really need HiDPI.

My hidpi setting is off. I also don’t use second monitor. I try turning off nvidia display for cubase ( thought I might have had already try that some time ago . If not I have to try and rollback to old update if that’s possible at all now.

I’ve just switched from integrated gpu to dedicated, and uicky tested it and so far it seams it stopped the problem of non-responsiveness.

So far so good, no freezing… however now I get random crashes when opening some plugins.

Unfortunately it still tends to freeze, jst not as often

Not sure if this will help anyone - I have been battling with this issue for the past few months.
Long story short my PC had a few issues so decided to do a full re-install of Windows, I used the 1909 build image and re-installed Cubase 10.5 and all plugins and the symptoms were exactly as you guys described here especially the graphic problems, tried updating drivers and all the usual and after some research on some Windows forums online I found 1909 build wasn’t great as a fresh install
I have now formatted it and installed the 1903 Build and all problems have completely disappeared - needless to say I wont be updating to 1909 so have paused windows updates
Could be a coincidence but it has defo worked for me so maybe worth a shot ?

Funny enough tha no one from Steinberg is getting any of this seriously. They don’t even respond. Cubase starts to be a real sh*t… There is no excuse whether a system update is a problem. Of course there are updates but Steinberg rather should release their fix for their software to accomodate system updates. Rather than releasing a “half version” update which is really wtf they should focus on fixing this DAW to be perfect.

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I see several threads that report freezing in certain situations. This seems to be the closest match for my issue. My iMac seems to completely freeze at random times, but when I’m doing the same action. During playback if I use the smart mouse to scroll left or right the audio continues to play, but the computer completely becomes unresponsive. I have to power it down to recover. This doesn’t happen every time I am scrolling, but it happens often. I have also had the system completely freeze when dragging an audio file into a new track. Again, it doesn’t happen every time, but it happens very often. Last night I finally had an issue that causes the freeze that I could repeat almost consistently. The system froze 7 out of 8 times doing theses actions:
Open Pool
drag track form trash to audio folder
drag that track into the project
system freezes

I’ve been blaming everything except Cubase prior to this issue. I read of some weird Bluetooth issues for my 2015 iMac, so I stopped using the magic mouse and disabled Bluetooth. I have reinstalled Cubase completely. I have disabled third party plugins. Still random freezing.
Another weird issue is when I recover from the freeze, sometimes my first launch of Cubase Pro 10.5 actually launches Cubase Artist. I’ve never installed Cubase Artist. When I shutdown Artist and re-launch Cubase, it is always correct on re-launch.
I also have Cubase Pro 10 installed. I have not had any issues with Cubase Pro 10.
By the way, there is never a crash log after the freeze.

I should add that I did not have this issue prior to Catalina. I held off on updating to Catalina until July. I thought that would be plenty of time to work out the bugs for all of my software, not just Cubase.

Here’s my setup:
2015 27" iMac 32GB RAM w/ external Thunderbolt LG ultra-wide 34" Monitor
Mac OS 10.15.6
Cubase 10.5.20 BUILD 179
Magic Mouse 2 / Wired keyboard

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