Cubase GUI lock up but not crashing

Issue confirmed here aswell, the same way you described it. When cancelling an “Add Instrument Track”-window Cubase 7 always freeze for me.

But I haven’t got the Ctrl+W-trick to work (maybe because there has been nothing to save yet, those times I’ve tried it?!)

And why has the other thread about this issue been locked?

I had a quiet weekend, so decided to start everything again - Format C drive and clean Windows 7 64 install. (With SP1)
Worked all day Sunday, and problems have not ocurred again.

Yah, thats what happens here when i edit the remote control editor and rightclick any knob… If i open anything in taskbar or so, i am able to close it… If i dont open anything else, its frozen (but still playing music;) )

I had this issue with v6.0.7, still persisting into 7.0.1.

It’s not a workflow-killer. I just minimize the Cubase window and maximize it again, everything is refreshed and good to go. Happens maybe once or twice per session, and generally only when I start / stop to preview some MIDI.

This is also happening to me as well–but I think it may be linked to me having a dialogue waiting for input. Unfortunately though, the dialog window is never on the top of my screen and can’t be found via alt-tabbing so I basically have to save the project with a keyboard shortcut, then restart Cubase to fix it.

I’ve only noticed this occurring since I’ve moved to Cubase 7, it never happened before for me on 5.5. Very frustrating!!

Yes it happened to me also a couple of times.
I hope it gets fixed in the forthcoming update

This happened to us today using a low buffer setting. Increasing the sive of the buffer solved the problem. :smiley:

Same thing happens here. 7.0.3 Mac version. I can recreate by dragging in an audio file from OSX Finder. GUI (except menus) freezes and cannot be “unfrozen”. Cubase can, however, be closed the normal way. Audio interface: UR28M.

I have a similar problem that is random but duplicated using my onboard video card, a PCIe Nivida and ATI video card.
I get random mixconsole lockups only when I add a third monitor to the scenario. This even happens when I disable the onboard video and use the ATI card which is Quad view card. The random problem involves the mixconsole (always displayed on monitor 2 in full screen mode) screen freezing like a photo while I have complete control of the project screen on monitor 1 and monitor 3 which always has the internal EQ screen, the floating transport and my opened plugins. Sometimes when mixconsole freezes so does the floating transport and the EQ screen…sometimes not… sometimes the floating transport will freeze but not the mixconsole. It’s a damn mystery and I’ve tried everything. Latest drivers, BIOS. tried 3 different video cards. I don’t know if it happens in 6.5 because I never went past 2 video displays. This ONLY happens when I add a third display! Oh… and to fix the freeze when it happens is to either close the Mixconsole screen and reopen it with the F3 key or just minimize/maximize Cubase…WIERD!!!