Cubase GUI / skinning / free color & contrast

Hi all,
(this is my first post)
after decades of using Logic i converted to Cubase 6 3 days ago :slight_smile: mainly for it’s superior sound.
Now i wonder:
Is it possible to choose freely choose used colors for anything within the Cubase GUI?
I’m not such a night worked (and have bad eyes) and needed to push everything towards a black-grey-white design with just a bit of color involved.
Obviously i have explored the preferences->Appearance menu already. Is there any more options, like changing any and all dark background colors into white or grey?
Thank you for any insights, love the app, everything SOUNDS just so much better now, obviously the Cubase audio engine is among the very best ever made.

You can change the color settings in the preferences :sunglasses:
Here are some nice examples…

Cubase in black:

Cubase in grey cyan:

Cubase in green:

Cubase in brown:

Cubase in purple:

Cubase, GUI-variations:


the Cubase audio engine is among the very best ever made.

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Thanx much for those examples, however i cant find any preferences, which would let me get rid of grey or dark backgrounds with light text (invert them would already be fine).
Could you point me into some useful direction there? (am on Mac version by the way)
Thanx very much in advance!

Have you checked “Appearance/Work Area”? The first control on that page let’s you scale the background brightness from dark to grey and white (depending on your settings on the “Appearance/General” page).
You need to experiment a bit with the settings on both preference pages but if you put the background brightness slider all to the right the background of your project window and the various editors will be white.
However, if you want to change the background of the tracks, mixer, inspector, plug-in GUI’s etc. you have to rely on the controls on the “Appearance/Work Area” preference page and as far as I know you can’t achieve a light background colour with dark text in that areas in Cubase. (If you would like that possibility to be implemented I think it’s best to contact Steinberg support directly via email and ask for it, they will forward it to the product managers)

Hi Parnasso, yes i had checked all those appearance options in Preferences before, as i had stated in my first post in this thread. After researching for a bit it seems stupid, that the options i am asking for - complete free styling options - have been removed from this application. Reminds me of Apple’s policy with Logic Pro, where they managed to remove the option to import old (pre v. 5) sessions into newer versions at some point.
Removing customization options seem to never make sense, instead they should supply a simple/advanced option.

Thanx for the hint in any case, will contact support then.
(Do they answer???)