Cubase GUI

Is there any chance of getting PG over for a chat and a cuppa with the Cubase devs and asking him how he’s managed to code such a professional feeling and looking, solid, tight and detailed GUI for Wavelab ?

I’m not knocking the Cubase GUI but each time I load Wavelab, sometimes before but also after I use Cubase, I’m struck at its elegance and would love to have its look and feel in the DAW.

Or am I the only one ? :smiley:

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You’re not the only one:

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PG is one of the most talented developers in my opinion. One of the reasons why WaveLab is so tidy, besides him being good, is that he does almost everything by himself and therefore spends very little time on “interfacing” with others. He is in full control of the entire architecture. If problems arise it is often with third party code.
The backdraw will be: Once he retires from development WaveLab might do as well.

Who knows, maybe PG and the Cubendo team already discussed this a bit. I guess we will see whether Cubase 13 gets a graphic engine overhaul.