Cubase guitar interference

Hi guys!
A bit of a strange one…
So i have my kemper hooked up to my Apollo twin and everything sounds fine UNTIL i fire up Cubase and strange things start to happen.
I get weird interference frequencies coming through my monitors.
They are being picked up by what i believe is my guitar pickups.
Everytime i do something in Cubase i can hear it through my guitar and coming out monitors.
Its like my PC is giving off starnge frequencies only when im using Cubase.
If im just jamming around its fine the downside is it that its recording that frequency when im working on a project and thats a big problem.
I made a little recording of the noise here…

Again this only happens the moment i open up Cubase and it goes away when i close it down.

Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.

Oh! it seems it was a cable routing issue. Not a faulty cable.
I had and xlr- 1/4 TRS cable coming from my Kemper into my apollo (the 1/4 TRS going into the interface) where the issue was happening.
I removed the cable and opted for the unbalanced TS cable direct from the kemper into the apollo and all the interference mysteriously vanished.
Maybe the XLR out was too hot of a signal…but nothing in the chain alerted to clipping anywhere. A strange one.