Cubase Guitar Tuner - problem


I have problem with guitar tuner in Cubase. When I run it it goes wild, it bounce back and forth. It is really difficult to tune the guitar using this tuner.

I saw this video in youtube and I see that this guy tune the guitar without problem, but I can’t.

Can you help with this? For now it is useless tool for me

Best Regards

some information on your setup (hardware/software) really helps in determining what your problem might be there could be many factors involved.

Are you using an electric guitar? I always turn the treble knob down (or all the way off) when tuning my guitar, that way the tuner ‘hears’ less harmonic content which tends to send electronic tuners crazy. Especially with new strings.

Did you notice in that video how ‘round’ the guitar sounded, not much treble there.

I find the Cubase tuner quite flaky too. It doesn’t hold the note well/long.

Melda Productions’ MTuner is much better for me. It seems to track the note and hold it a lot easier than the Cubase one.
Seems fairly lightweight, and I remove it from the insert slot once I’ve recorded the guitar anyway.

Yep, I like the tuner that comes with NI’s Guitar Rig, but of course you need to have GR…

Yeah, I find the Cubase tuner unusable. I use a regular external tuner. But then I keep blowing thru batteries because I forget to turn it off. :blush:

Get GTune, it’s a free VST plugin and works like a charm.

Thanks for the GTune link!

I’m new to playing bass and I spent hours trying adjust the intonation on my bass. The Cubase tuner meter just kept bouncing all over the place even when I was using harmonics to tune the open strings. It’s almost useless for bass. It seems to work OK on my guitars. Maybe there’s a setting someplace that I don’t know about the stabilize the tuner?

Anyway, GTune worked great.