Cubase-Halion-Bug? Notes sustain forever when clicking on them in Key Midi Editor

Cubase Pro 11.0.40 -Halion 6 -Windows 10, recent updates.
Anyone else notice this behavior? Loaded Bansuri or Ney flutes on Halion 6. When I record midi data either from a keyboard (no breath controller data) or from an EWI (with breath controller data) and then click on a note in Cubase (v. Pro 11.040) Key Midi editor, the note sustains forever until I either press play or do a Midi Reset. Bug or not it’s a bummer when editing. This does not happen when playing the notes either from the keyboard or wind controller, only when clicking on recorded notes in the Key Midi editor. It appears Cubase is not sending Note Off command at mouse release. Naturally decaying instrument sounds stop on their own decay setting, but flutes at leadt sustain forever. Not cool!

I did try the instruments you mentioned but it works OK here. I only got a hanging note ones. And I was clicking on different notes in key editor for a few minutes.

Does it happen all the time? Do you have any note expression? Did it work OK in Cubase 11.0.30? Maybe try to reset the preferences…

Thanks good to know that’s working ok in your system.
I will check 10.5 which I also have installed.
I did try Safe Start and selected Disable Preferences but it was still happening.

Check you’re on the latest version of HALion too, see this thread from a while back: