Cubase halts 30sec to 2 minutes


When I’m adding a track, or deleting one, I get these halts, frequently. And after the waiting is over, all is back to normal. There’s no crash, no anything.

Sometimes the same thing happens when I delete an insert plugin, or send.

May it be about my 8 core cpu?

How to reproduce it :

  1. Open empty project
  2. Add audio channel (sometimes I get the freeze here)
  3. Add group channel (most of the time I get freeze here)
  4. Add or delete channels
  5. In about a few adding or deleting, I have Cubase frozen.


after posting this I updated to latest bios for asus x99 (which is very new) and also my lynx aes-16e had a new firmware, installed that too. I think the freezes are over but I’ll make this test again thoroughly (in a denser project especially) and report back.

My problem continues. The same thing happens when changing output of an audio track.

I did the tests again, and I have the same freezing/unresponsiveness waiting - most of the time. Then I restarted my computer. Open Cubase. Do same tests, no freeze!! Everything is normal. What’s happening between PC sessions or hibernations (which I do occasionally) I really wonder.

I am trying everything that comes to mind. Please direct me if you have anything in mind or similar issue. Thanks.


Maybe it’s hibernations. Hibernating is known to cause troubles in some setups.

(duplicate post … sorry)

Hi Jarno, thanks for the input. This is the first time something like this happens… It’s a new problem with Cubase 8. I still have no issues with 7.5.

I can believe that. Hibernation is a difficult thing with real-time systems like DAWs. For years with different hardware/software combinations you may run just fine and then after changing something everything collapses.

It may be Cubase 8 problem but may not. Maybe something else (probably audio driver) is behaving badly in your system when hibernating, but somehow previous versions of Cubase didn’t care about this bad behaviour. These are complicated things and finding out ‘the bad guy’ is usually almost impossible task.

I just recommend you to disable hibernation and sleep and see if the problem goes away.

Hibernation can def. be an issue. I let Cubase adjust the power plan, and it seems to be fine.

Finally!! :smiley:

I’m happy to report that after trying everything I found the thing causing Cubase to become unresponsive.

It’s the Asio-Guard! Now that it’s off, I have zero problems, no lockup - freeze - unresponsiveness happening!! And I can now use Cubase 8 like normal.

(Btw, I tried Asio-Guard in every setting and it makes the same problem…)

There must be something wrong with the new Asio-Guard (probably a tiny little problem with the code, because AFAIK nobody else reported the same thing)

Thanks for the comments and support.