Cubase halts/freezes when playing or recording


Cubase halts/freezes when playing or recording.
The “pause” remains for some seconds (4-15).
When it starts again there is a sound bang and the cursor is in the position in the track where it should have been if it was playing as normal.

I usually use between 10-15 tracks in my recordings and I don’t use any 3rd party plugins.

I read similar issues here in the forum and tried what they suggested:

Configured the computer for best performance
Changed the power plan to Cubase Audio Power
Checked if my sound card and cubase is working at the same sample rate (44.1 kHz in my case)
Made sure that the sound card was connected directly to the computer (not in a hub)
Turned off the Active ASIO-guard (some of the users with windows 8 had problems with that)
Disabled all VST plugins

It hasn’t solved the the problem. What to do?


I forgot to mention that when recording I get the message: Too many tracks recording
It helps if I disable most of the tracks.