Cubase hang on Exit - Solutions

I know many of us expirience this issue, so here some solutions, some works, some doesn’t

  1. before closing heavy project. creat empty project & active it. after, сlose heavy project (not active one)
  2. Turn on “Constrain Delay Compensation”, then close project.
  3. Save project, then assign key command “Disable track”, Select all heavy instruments or heavy processed audio, and disable it. or delete heavy processed Group/FX tracks <-------!!! DON’T SAVE PROJECT AFTER THAT :exclamation: !!!
  4. Before opening Heavy project, creat Empty one, then Activate Heavy. after you close Heavy project, Cubase automatically Active empty one (Same as step 3)

I guess from now, you already understand why it hangs :smiling_imp:


Cubase doesn’t activate any project by itself anymore. This has been changed. You have to activate it manually.

Oh, I still on 10.0.60, forgot about new feature in 10.5
Thanks Martin !


I always close cubase with Ctrl-Alt-Delete > Cubase > End Process.

  1. Disable Rewire or trash ReWire.dll:

What worked for me was, lol, making sure I did not power off any MIDI device before cubase was shut down, especially my microKORG XL+.

If I power off my korg while cubase is running, or allow it to auto power-off after 4 hours, cubase freezes 100% of the time. I dont use anything via rewire. At first, I was powering off my MIDI devices while cubase was still shutting down, out of habit. This was causing many freezes, backup project files, etc. I havent had a single freeze since I stopped powering them off during runtime.

I know this is by far not the only source of cubase freezing, but I thought it would be helpful because I can reproduce this 100% of the time on cubase 10.5, windows10, etc.