Cubase hanging at launch on VST2.x ???

My cubase has started to hang forever at the launch screen when it hits the VST 2.0xxx, any ideas how to narrow this down, this was not happenning after my latest installs. I removed the newest plugins and still it takes forever to open. Any help or ideas would be great! Thanks :slight_smile:


Any VST 2 plug-in doesn’t work as expected. You can trash Cubase preferences. Then Cubase starts with deep plug-in scan and it will move the affected plug-in to the Black list, and start. Or you can rename your VST 2 plug-in folder, and start Cubase. Then you can put back your plug-ins back to the scanned VST 2 plug-in folder (one by one; or half-half method) to find out, which plug-in is affected.

Great thank you, anything i need to note before trashing preferences, what do i lose when i do that in case i want to make a copy? Cheers


Your personal Cubase settings. It will start in Factory settings.

The preferences are stored in the various files stored here:

C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5_64

Just copy the whole directory if you want a back-up. Most of the XML are pretty explanatory in their names as to which prefs they hold.

Thank you

Is this where my groove templates are also stored?

You’re welcome. No, I don’t think so but not something I use so not absolutely sure. Most Presets and Templates are stored elsewhere (all over the place!). the link below lists some, not sure if it includes the Groove Templates.