cubase hanging on Loading mix console

ive seen several times now on here about this problem and now mine is doing it.

everyone says its a plugin problem and if thats the case, how can i solve it?

All i have open inside is EZdrummer and HALion sonic SE. along with my direct recodings.
2x clean gtr ( vst amp rack)
2x lead guitar (vst amp simulater + impulse)
2x rhythm gtr ( as above)
1x bass
2x sound fx (wave format)

how can i check the problem??

You can temporarily change your plugin folder so Cubase does not find the plugins then if it loads OK (with missing plugins) add them back in one by one to find out which one is causing the crash


Btw, the SOLUTION is at the end if you can’t be bothered reading exactly what lead me to it…

I’m not sure if this will apply to everyone, but I thought I’d share my solution when this happened to me… When searching, I found several threads on this with no solution that worked in my case… But I did figure it out so I’m sharing this across all the threads in the hope that it helps someone…

PROBLEM:One day I was mixing a song happily, the next day the ‘Loading MixConsole’ wouldn’t load past the drum channel… I had to ‘cntl, alt, delete’ to open the task manager to shut down Cubase as it was stuck and going nowhere slowly. As I did that the following error message would flash up before closing… it flashed up so quickly it was impossible to read, so I had to press ‘prt sc’ and then copy the screenshot and paste it into Paint to view it. The error read…


“What’s the ‘video service’ got to do with the price of cheese?” I thought out loud.
Some threads suggested removing video elements from the Cubase install but that didn’t work. “Those weren’t ever an issue before,” I said to myself as I poured a tea in the kitchen, mulling it over, scratching my noggin as if it were a magic lamp. “It must be something else. I’ve wasted countless hours on things like this,” I muttered, frantically stirring my tea, my heart, broken, mourning the loss of lost mixing time, longing to return to the escapism and bliss of creating music, my own little world. “I can figure it out!” I said, clenching a biscuit and dunking into my cup triumphantly. I began chomping vigorously with a mischievous twinkle of hope and determination in my eyes. …
Sorry for all this nonsense, I’m just trying to amuse myself…


This was only happening on one of my songs, the others would load as normal. Luckily, I knew the main difference between them. I used EZdrummer 2 on all of the songs except the one that wouldn’t load; on that one, I was using Simon Philips Jazz Drums in Groove Agent. That was the only difference I could think of… Actually, to begin with, I couldn’t remember exactly which drum kit it was… So I located the song file, right-clicked on it and opened it with Note Pad to view the code. I then used Edit/Find and searched for the word ‘drums’ and located, within the text of the code, ‘Simon Philips Jazz Drums’. The reason I mention that is that perhaps if you weren’t sure which VST was the issue, you could potentially scroll through the code to view them - may take a while but worth it if you can load your track again. *Note, it probably goes without mentioning but, it’s important that you don’t alter the text in the code.


SOLUTION: I went to Add or Remove programs in Windows 10 and rather than reinstall Groove Agent SE, I selected the ‘repair’ install option. That didn’t fix the issue. So, I did a repair on the install of Kit that was used, Simon Philips drums and… voila!

Alas, I could return to mixing away happily again, as if not a care in the world.

Hope that helps someone :slight_smile:

P.S. Success IS creating music.

I know this thread is resolved but I just also had the error of not getting passed the loading screen. Another reason I just realized you have to make sure (I’m so dumb, it took me 30 minutes of frustration before the light bulb clicked) is make sure you are connected to the internet if you have any plugins in your project that require such.