Cubase Hangs after adding a "good" VSTi

I’m running Cubase 6 Elements 64 bits on Windows 7 64 bits

Cubase hangs at startup after I add a particular VSTi pluggin. The VSTi pluggin has NO problem in itself because it works perfectly fine with Ableton Live.

Can any one help please?

Is the plugin 64-bit?

No sure if it is x64 but I guess it is 32-bits. Is there any why to know it?

which plugin are we talking about, i know many VSTi’s to be “good”

In Cubase, when adding the VSTi, there should be an icon to the left of its name. If it looks like //, then the plugin is bridged and 32-bit.

My VST is SwarPlug (from Swar System for Indian instruments). I am saying it good because it is not the VST which is problematic but it is Cubase as the VST is working fine with Ableton.

Swarplug is indeed 32-bit. I’m putting my money on the Cubase bitbridge playing up.
Have you tried trashing prefs?

If possible, see if you can use the plug in Cubase 32-bit, that should tell us if that is the problem. You can try using Jbridge in Cubase x64, Jbridge is usually more stable.